A few last things about St. Margaret’s, Spadina

The archives of the Diocese of Toronto has very little about the short-lived parish of St. Margaret’s Spadina (1890-1909 –see post below). In his charge to synod in 1890, the bishop of Toronto said it had been his pleasure to be part of the opening of three new churches that year — St. Margaret’s, St. Judes’ (my first parish) and St. Matthew’s, First Avenue.

Vestry records indicate that St. Margaret’s never grew, remaining a small parish. Average Sunday attendance throughout its nineteen year history was consistently small, well under 100 adults being present, and this in a building that could seat 600 comfortably. In 1909 it merged with St. George the Martyr to the east. St. George’s, founded in 1845, was the third parish established in the city of Toronto (after St. James’ Cathedral and Trinity East — now known as Little Trinity). St. Philip’s rector, R. J. Moore, had been a curate at St. George’s before coming to St. Margaret’s in 1890. With the merger, Moore became the vicar of St. George’s, and became its fifth rector in 1911. 

It may just be that St. Margaret’s was in the wrong location at the wrong time, and was not viable with another parish up the road and the change in its environs around the turn of the century from residential to factories and commerce.

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