New Pictures — St. Philip’s, Spadina (later St. Philip’s, Caribou Road)

Here is a picture from the diocesan archives of the interior of St. Philip’s, Spadina (blogged about below). A somewhat peculiar feature of the building was that the entrances (from Spadina) were on the east side, meaning that parishioners entered on either side of the altar, as opposed to the more typical arrangement of entering from the west end of the building. When this building was purchased by St. Elizabeth of Hungary Roman Catholic Church in the 1940’s, the space was re-oriented so the altar was in the west end and the pews faced the other direction. (I suppose one could say the space was dis-oriented, in that it no longer faced east.)

Before the new St. Philip’s on Caribou Road was built, the transplanted parish worshipped in a tent. Here are pictures from the diocesan archives of the exterior and interior of the tent.

The new St. Philip’s was opened in the early 1950’s; this building was torn down in the last few months.

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