New Pictures — St. Margaret’s, Spadina

I have some photographs to add of the buildings described in earlier posts. (Thanks go out to Mary-Anne Nicholls, the Anglican Diocese of Toronto Archivist, for allowing me to take photographs of items in the archives, and to both Mary-Anne and Claire Wilton, the Archives Assistant, for their assistance. Thanks, too, to Mary Lou for letting me use her camera (!) and showing me the best way to take close-up photos of photos.)

I’ve blogged twice about St. Margaret’s, Spadina. There are several historical photographs of its exterior from the brief period it was a church (1890 to 1909) and its later uses. Now I have one of its interior. The full frontal on the altar is an indication of St. Margaret’s high churchmanship.

These photographs which I took show the windows on the north side of the building, some of the bell tower, and the east end.

The space is now divided into two floors. Today I was able to take some pictures of the first floor which show some of the interior details (the first floor is currently a clothing store). I wasn’t able to get upstairs.

This is a detail from the left-hand side of the arch between the nave and the chancel. If you look at the historic photograph above, you can see this detail on the left side, where the straight wall and the arch meet.

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