New Pictures — Calvary Church

I’ve blogged about the history of Calvary Church was was closed in 1970 and sold to St. George’s Romanian Orthodox Church. On a recent visit to the site I was delighted to be able to meet the parish priest, the Very Reverend Fr. Ioan Bunea. Fr. Ioan was very gracious in allowing me to take photographs of the interior as it looks today.

It is completely transformed from the way it would have looked in the years when it was Calvary Church. (To date, I don’t have any photographs of the interior during its Calvary days.) When Fr. Ioan arrived in the parish in 1990, some renovations had been made to transform the space into one characteristic of Orthodoxy. In the past two decades, under Fr. Ioan’s, leadership, the space has been completely transformed. The old brick walls are now covered with dry wall and vivid icons and other painting. The large wooden iconostasis was designed by Fr. Ioan, carved in Romania, and assembled piece by piece in situ.

The original windows are still in place, but are covered by newer windows. In the photograph below the original windows are just visible behind the newer windows. 

The windows on the north side of the building are no longer external windows, as the parish has built a very attractive addition on the north side. Photographs of the addition are included in the original entry on Calvary Church. (The three external towers of the addition are architecturally characteristic of the Orthodox tradition.)

The one original window which is plainly visible is the large window with four large blue crosses at the back of the church.

I asked Fr. Ioan if I could take his picture. He consented but invited me to be in the photograph. I’m seriously underdressed!

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