Excursus: The former St. Matthew’s Anglican Church in Quebec City

Recently Mary Lou and I had the opportunity to spend a few days in Quebec City. There, in the heart of the city, we came across the former St. Matthew’s Anglican Church. In the late 1970s the parish was closed and was converted into a charming library. What intrigued me is how the main liturgical symbols — font and altar — remain as integral parts of the space.

  1. Fr. David Belden said:

    It was a joy for me to serve in this church from time to time.. 1969 – 1974, during my stay in the Diocese of Quebec. Many of St. Matthew’s parishoners would summer at Perce on the Gaspe where I was Priest-in-Charge, 1969-1972. It is wonderful to see that the altar is intact!

    Fr. David Belden, St. Theodore of Canterbury Orthodox Mission, Toronto

  2. I first stumbled into St.Matthew’s when it was still a functioning church on a visit to Quebec City in 1975.There was a power failure that dark rainy day and it was dark but open.Next time I was ringing one of the 8 English Change ringing bells in it’s tower on the annual Memorial Day Ringing weekend sponsored by the NAG,the north American Guild of Change-Ringers in May 1998. I was pleasantly surprised to see how the chancel had been preserved and the building
    converted very tastefully into the bibliotech or public library of Quebec. Holy Trinity Cathedral and St.Matthew’s historically had the
    only towers with change- ringing bells in Eastern Canada to survive.

    Peter Iveson Toronto

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