New Photographs!

Tonight I stumbled across a fabulous website:, and found some photographs of various lost Anglican churches in Toronto, including several I’ve already blogged about. (For more information on any of these parishes, click on the name of the church in the category listing to the right.)

Here is a photograph of the first St. Mary the Virgin, located on the north-west corner of Bloor and Delaware. This photograph (from 1889) shows the building under construction. This was an Anglican church until 1914, when a new building was erected two blocks west, on Westmoreland. I’ve not been able to find out when this building was demolished.

St Mary the Virgin 1889 under construction

This is a photograph of St. Margaret’s, Spadina, which served as an Anglican church until 1909. The building still exists as retail space. This photograph, taken in 1900, shows a face-on view of the west entrance.

St Margarets 1900

And this is a colour version of a sketch of the first St. John the Evangelist (Garrison Church); a black and white version of this sketch is included in the post about St. John’s. The sketch is attributed to William Hay, the architect of the building, which was constructed in 1858. It may have been a sketch done before construction.

St John Garrison first church colour


  1. perceptor1 said:

    Great website. A lot of terrific research. Does anyone have pics of St. Bartholomew’s Church on Dundas Street East?

  2. William Cooke said:

    The original St Mary the Virgin remained in use for many decades as a Serbian Orthodox Church. It has now been replaced by a bigger church on the same site—within the last ten years, if I remember right.

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