New photographs — St. Mark & Calvary

I’ve written about St. Mark’s Carlton Village (aka St. Mark’s, West Toronto) and Calvary Church, which were amalgamated in 1970 to become St. Mark & Calvary.

Here are some photographs taken at a recent visit to the building, which is now the home of the Cornerstone Baptist Tabernacle. When I was last at the site, after St. Mark & Calvary closed and before the new owners took possession, I missed this cornerstone because it was obscured at the time by a large bush.

IMG_7748 (Medium)I’m grateful to Ben Reid, son of Pastor Patrick Reid, for graciously allowing me to take photographs of the interior.

This reredos behind the altar is by the noted Canadian artist Sylvia Hahn. It depicts Christ in the centre, flanked by St. Mark on the left and St. Michael on the right. The pulpit has been moved to the centre, between the choir stalls.

IMG_7753 (Medium)

IMG_7774 (Medium)

IMG_7768 (Medium)

IMG_7788 (Medium)

IMG_7755 (Medium)

IMG_7756 (Medium)


IMG_7762 (Medium)

IMG_7764 (Medium)

IMG_7766 (Medium)

These final two photographs are of a separate side chapel. The banner (“Calvary”) is surely from the former Calvary Church.

IMG_7780 (Medium)

IMG_7781 (Medium)

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