St. Luke’s, Westwood

In 1930, St. Luke’s, Bay Street located to Westwood Avenue in the city’s east end. The site was purchased in March and the building opened on St. Andrew’s Day (30 November), 1930.

DSCF5285 (Medium)


DSCF5286 (Medium)

The original plan had been for St. Luke’s to amalgamate with St. Andrew’s, Todmorden, but this idea was rejected by the St. Andrew’s congregation. In 1936 the two parishes were amalgamated (St. Andrew’s no longer being viable), and until 1952, the parish was known as St. Luke’s & St. Andrew’s. (For a time, the St. Andrew’s building was used for Sunday School, but the site was eventually sold and the building demolished to make way for a gas station.) In the early 1950s a extension was put on the building which included a chapel named St. Andrew’s (which also incorporated the altar from the former St. Andrew’s). The cornerstone below includes the dates of the original St. Luke’s, the 1930 building, and the addition.

DSCF5288 (Medium)

This is the only photograph of the interior of St. Luke’s, Westwood that I could find in the diocesan archives. (If others have photographs, I’d be interested in adding them.)

IMG_7256 (Medium)

In 1971, St. Luke’s was amalgamated with the Church of the Comforter on Cosburn Avenue, the building sold, and the name “St Luke’s” being adopted for the amalgamated parish. Until early 2012 the Westwood Avenue site was the home of the Toronto East Seventh Day Adventist Church. At the moment, the building is still standing but is unused. I suspect that it will, sooner or later, be demolished.


  1. Suzanne Burns said:

    My grandparents, Edith Hayes and Albert Marchment were married at St. Luke’s, St. Vincent St., Feb. 26, 1917 by Rev. Doherty. They were married 62 years.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. What a long life together!

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