St. Margaret’s, North Toronto

The lively story of the Church of the Ascension (at Richmond & University) and how it became the “rogue” parish at the corner of Avenue Road and Burnaby Boulevard is told in another blog entry. (Click on Church of the Ascension in the category listing.) In 1944, the parish was renamed St. Margaret’s, and continued on this site until it was closed in 2009 and amalgamated with St. Clement’s, Eglinton.

A parish hall was added in 1953 and, in 1963/4, the chancel was enlarged and a gymnasium added in the basement. These were boom years for St. Margaret’s. Writing in the Toronto Telegram, religion write Aubrey Wice said “This congregation keeps on growing.”

IMG_7265 (Medium)

(In researching St. Margaret’s, I came across a photograph of the infamous Henry Roche.His story is told in the Church of the Ascension entry)

IMG_7268 (Medium)

The St. Margaret’s building was recently demolished and the site is currently being redeveloped into the “One the Avenue” townhomes.

IMG_7794 (Medium)

IMG_7800 (Medium)

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  1. I attended a couple of off-peak services at St Margaret’s while I was at Glendon and living at Avenue & Lawrence, across from Havergal College and down the street from St Ansgar’s (and around the corner from the then-site of St Philip’s). One was the 4pm Evensong at which only the rector and organist were present apart from myself. A few kids from St Margaret’s went to the Prayer Book Society summer camp with me.

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