New photographs – St. Edmund the Martyr

I’m very grateful to Fr David Belden for sending me these historic photographs of the former St. Edmund the Martyr, located at Davenport & Dovercourt. (For more information about St. Edmund’s, click on the link to the left.) I am also grateful to Susan Jennings, whose aunt had these photographs in her collection. Susan’s grandparents met and were married at St. Edmund’s. (They are the people “Xed” in the photograph below of the St. Edmund’s youth group.)

“The Dell” — Davenport & Dovercourt c. 1907-1909.


The church being built and completed.



A photo of the youth group on the front steps.


The interior of the church before pews.


And after pews were installed for the choir.


The completed interior.


  1. Carolyn said:

    I have additional pictures of what I think may be St Marys the Virgin Church at Davenport and Dovercourt taken around 1920’s perhaps? My great grandparents owned at small Store on the opposite corner to the church. Pls let me know how I can post these pictures.

  2. William Peter Fisher said:

    Thankyou for expanding on the history of the church I grew up in. My grandmother Edyth R. Fisher (maiden name Izzard), lived across the street at 1228 Davenport Rd for nearly seventy years and St Edmund the Martyr Anglican Church was the centre of social and spiritual life for her and her family including four of her grandchildren until it was sold by the Diocese of Toronto to serve the Greek Orthodox congregation.

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