Additional Photographs of St. Jude’s, Roncesvalles

Recently I was cleaning up my stash of photos taken for this project and came across four photos of St. Jude’s, Roncesvalles I’d somehow neglected to include in the original post.

These photos are of the exterior and interior of the original St. Jude’s, which opened in 1890. After the new church was built in 1912, this building served as the parish hall until 1929, when it was demolished to make way for a larger hall.

IMG_5127 (Medium) IMG_5129 (Medium)

This photograph show the new church with the old one still standing next door. From the landscaping, I’d presume this was taken in 1912 at the time of the completion of the new church.

IMG_5124 (Medium)

And, finally, a photograph of the new church with remarkably overgrown ivy, which must have significantly blocked the light through the west windows.

IMG_5133 (Medium)

  1. William Cooke said:

    Very interesting, as ever, David.

  2. Joan Waters-Garner said:

    Thank you David, for this wonderful account of my dear Dad’s parish church. He ( Ellis Wickham Clark) would have been fourteen (born 1898) when the new church was built and I am guessing he was confirmed in the original church, his sister and brothers probably in the new church, and this was the parish from which he went overseas to fight in France in WW 1. His mother, Violet Clark, was a member well into Canon (?) Shires’ time, but she ultimately became attached to our family parish, St. Martin-in-the-Fields. My father must have received a strong faith foundation at St. Jude’s, for he was a pillar of faith and church activity until his death. My husband and I became seriously interested in purchasing from Harry Stinson’s condo plans, but finally decided against the idea. Again, thank you David, for a great story.

  3. Hi Joan: So pleased to know of your connection. Yes, Canon Robert Shires was my grandfather’s predecessor. I must admit that when I toured the condo I thought that, some day, I’d like to live at 437 Roncesvalles!

  4. Jackson Freeman said:

    My Grand Father, Harry Freeman. 1889 – 1954, was organist there. I have a prayer book presented to him by the congregation in 1916. Walter Deller was the last organist there as an Anglican Parish. He then came to our parish, St Martin in the Fields, as assistant organist sometime in the 90’s.

  5. Gwen hunter said:

    Good memories of St Jude’s. Both my parents Trevor and Grace Rees, sang in the choir late 30s -mid 40s. I sat with ministers wife.

  6. margaret said:

    very interesting story thanks for the insight i was wondering where st judes was as i was doing research for someone whose grandparents married there in 1918 they lived over the other side of the railway tracks from ronci on st clarens! surprised they didnt marry at st ann’s! i will have to share this story with him!
    David did ur harrison’s descend from the ones that had the orchard south of dundas west of ossington in the 1800’s?

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