St Edmund the Martyr — New Photographs

I’m very grateful to Carolyn Goddard, who lives in Alberta, for sending me two photographs of St. Edmund the Martyr, which was located on the south-east corner of Davenport and Dovercourt.

Carolyn’s great grandparents owned a store across the street on the south-west corner of Davenport and Dovercourt (1234 Dovercourt).

St Edmund New 3This photograph shows the church being raised and a new foundation and basement being added. It would have been taken circa 1917.

St Edmund New 1This photograph would have been taken later, after the addition of a new entranceway, but before the exterior was bricked over in the late 1940s.

St Edmund New 2

  1. Catherine Keating said:

    I was not able to find St John’s York Mills Anglican Church on your list. It is the second oldest church in the Toronto Diocese after the cathedral. It will be 200 in 2016. Please let me know how I missed it or add it if it was missed from the list. thank you.

  2. David Harrison said:

    Hi Catherine: My project is only looking at “lost” Anglican churches in the City of Toronto; i.e. those now closed.

  3. Jonathan Lofft said:


    The architect of this church building was Bryan Chadwick (1885-1965), who, like his father, Edward Marion Chadwick (1840-1921), was involved with several other building projects in this and other dioceses. Chadwick’s life and work is the subject of my doctoral dissertation. Chadwick is probably best known for his involvement with St. Alban’s Cathedral.

  4. When St. Edmund closed and the new building for St Thomas a Becket Anglican Church was being built in Erin Mills, Mississauga, the church received 8 stained glass windows from St. Edmund as well as a 2 seat wooden sedilia with memorial plaques- one for Allan Butler who died of wounds from the battle of The Somme at the age of 19 and thee other for Garnet Blenkhorn who died at the age of 22 (his brother William also died of wounds in June, 1918

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