St. George’s, Scarborough

St George’s Scarborough was a mission from Christ Church, Scarborough on Markham Road. Beginning to meet in 1952 at Fairmount School, which is located by the Scarborough Bluffs, St. George’s was originally supposed to be known as “St. George’s-by-the-Lake”. A site was purchased behind the school, at the foot of Neilson Road, overlooking the lake.IMG_6661This being the 1950s, the congregation grew rapidly alongside the new neighbourhood called “Cliffcrest”

IMG_6665 IMG_6666Eventually it was realized that locating the new parish essentially on the waterfront would prevent it from being more centrally located to the new housing. A new site was purchased at the corner of McCowan and Cathedral Bluffs Drive, but it proved to be too busy and too costly to develop. Finally, a site was purchased on St. Clair Avenue. A portable church building was purchased for one dollar, and the first serve on the new site held on October 2, 1955. (The Sunday School continued to meet in the auditorium of Fairmount School.) IMG_6667The foundation stone was laid on June 21, 1959 and, by September 1959, the building was consecrated.IMG_6669
St Georges Scarborough 1Unfortunately there is almost now historical information about St. George’s in the archival files at the Diocese of Toronto. In 2011, it was one of our parishes which voted to amalgate to form the new Grace Church, Scarborough.

The photographs below are of the area where the original St. George’s-by-the-Lake was to have been built, and a photograph of its site in relation to Fairmount Public School.
IMG_8348IMG_8347I recently visited the site on St. Clair Avenue East, only to discover that the building had, just weeks earlier, been torn down. It is slated for redevelopment as luxurty townhomes.IMG_8323IMG_8325
IMG_8326The basement of the new Grace Church includes this window from St. George’s., and the cross, font and candles seen below.IMG_8272IMG_8276

  1. I was never in St George’s Cliffcrest (as we called it);, but I had some schoolmates who were servers there. In the early 1960s any Anglican church with a servers’ guild was considered distinctly ‘high’, and oe of my chums used to refer to the service as ‘mass’.

  2. Barbara (Brown) Rathlou said:

    Our whole family attended St. Georges Church from the very start. We always referred to Communion service as Communion.

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