St. Timothy-by-the-Humber, Weston

In 1950, six residents of the village of Weston began to discuss forming a new Sunday School, as an outgrowth of the parish of St. John’s, Weston. The next year a slightly larger group met with Bishop Wilkinson, who recommended a door-to-door canvass. The canvass identified 62 families, many who were attending St. John’s or the other nearby Anglican parish, St. Philip’s. Eventually the group grew to 265 families and a mission a parish was established under the Reverend John Roe from St. John’s, Weston. Weekly services were held in schools and basements.

In 1957, Canon T. Barnett was appointed the priest-in-charge of the mission. A rectory was purchased, and temporary chapel and office space constructed in the rectory basement. (In 1957, the Christmas Eve service was held in the rectory chapel; the Christmas Day service was held at a nearby United Church.)

In 1958 St. Timothy’s became a separate parish, and sod was turned for a new building at the corner of Weston Road and Flindon Road (just north of the 401). The new building was opened in 1959 and dedicated on November 2nd by Bishop Wilkinson. (A used set of pews from St. Agnes, Long Branch was procured for the new building.) In 1964 a narthex was added. (I have, courtesy of Fr Theo Ipema, the last priest-in-charge of St. Timothy’s, some extraordinary film of the ground-breaking and construction of the building and hope to figure out a way to post it here.)





IMG_3360 IMG_3361

The story of St. Timothy’s is typical of many suburban parishes established after the second world war — demographic shifts resulting in decline. In 1971, “a  survey of home purchases and re-sales in teh parish area indicated that 85% of the new families were from ethnic groups, and that original Anglican families were being replaced by non-Anglicans.” In the mid-1970s a Presbyterian congregation began to use the space. During various period in the 1980s and 1990s it shared ministry with nearby Anglican parishes, and during the period 1996-1998, St. TImothy’s was led by a team of theological students from Trinity College. Despite these efforts, the reality of declining attendance and membership led to the disestablishment of the parish in 2010.

Today, the former St. Timothy’s is the home of the Apostolic Christian Church.

IMG_3091 IMG_3093 IMG_3094


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